LiiT Mall has been built by a Canadian mom that is dedicated to supporting and uplifting Canadian families. Lulu has created this company as a community, a place where creators, artisans, crafters, and small and home-based businesses can promote their products to their local communities.

The inspiration came from listening to the members of her online childcare platform, LiiT Care Connect. They shared the joys of parenting and desires to help make the lives of parents simpler emotionally and financially. This provided the motivation to find a way to help streamline parenting and support small local businesses. Lulu’s love for community, diversity, and travel made her reach out to businesses far and wide who make up the smaller part of non-local vendors to offer unique, ethnic, and diverse products on the LiiT Mall that would otherwise be not easily available.

Join our LiiT Care community and know that you are helping send a child to music lessons, fix the brakes on the family’s car, or help make the holiday season shine a little brighter this year. Thank you for your support and please reach out if there is any way that LiiT Care can support you and your family!

By starting your own store on our platform, you can showcase your small and home-based business’s products to a local and engaged audience. If you make beautiful, cute, and high quality items for babies and children then this is the community for you! Please join by opening your own store and don’t hesitate to lean on this community for support.